Oracle Accelerator

End-to-End Testing Quickly Validates Changes for Your Critical Business Processes

Delivering high quality applications within Oracle can be an incredibly challenging task, with constant changes being implemented to move your business forward. Even small updates can have huge effects, with the potential to touch multiple business applications and systems across the enterprise. These changes, while delivering new processes and functionality, require a constant need to test.

With TurnKey Oracle Accelerator, we help you leverage best practice methods to test your critical business processes quickly and easily. Our Accelerator works in tandem with cFactory™ Scriptless Testing to deliver faster time to value, even within your highly customized environment. This intelligent, comprehensive platform allows you to deploy applications sooner, while minimizing the cost and complexity of application testing.

Pre-built content for quick validation

TurnKey’s Oracle Accelerator gives you pre-built content and pre-automated test cases to test your Oracle systems out-of-the-box. These components help you validate the most commonly used Oracle modules including financials, HR, manufacturing and procurement, and more. With the Oracle Accelerator, you can automate new processes or update existing tests faster and more effectively..

Comprehensive, end-to-end business process tests

A single business processes can have multiple variations and execution paths. To ensure the highest levels of quality, you need to test them all. cFactory™ leverages ground-breaking data-driven technology to help you generate test cases dynamically. With built-in logic and data flows, you can expand your test coverage to include all possible scenarios allowing you to speed implementation and minimize risk.

Trouble-free maintenance

Unlike traditional approaches, cFactory extends the value of your current test automation framework even when new application changes and updates occur. The software continually analyzes test screens and scenarios identifying any deviations to the system. It then presents these changes on the screen, allowing you to update test components with a few clicks of the mouse. Both test sets and data are automatically updated within HP Quality Center.

A single testing tool to support your business

Because your end-to-end business processes span multiple technologies, you need a solution that will test all applications, even new ones. Our solution helps you to validate end-to-end business processes, giving you a more comprehensive tool for your business. With hundreds of software technologies and programs supported, you can minimize cost and complexity using a single, yet powerful testing tool.

Extending the power of HP ALM

There’s no need to rip and replace to get the benefits of TurnKey's Oracle Accelerator. Our software works with HP Application Lifecycle Management products including HP Quality Center, QuickTest Professional and Business Process Testing. Leverage your current HP investments while increasing the value of your test automation and maintenance, effortlessly.

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